There have been parents asking what they can do to assist their child during the summer that will help prepare them for next year.  These are some suggestions from the 4th grade team…


For the summer, students coming into and leaving 4th grade need to keep a record of their summer activities.  This should be in the form of a journal and should include at least fifteen (15) entries thoroughly describing  the events of the summer.  The events can be anything; you do not have to travel somewhere on a fancy vacation to be exciting.  If your entries are boring, it is because you wrote them that way!  


Also, I challenge students to search and find writing errors in the text they read, whether it’s a book, newspaper, magazine, advertisement, etc. Listen for mistakes in commercials, movies, and TV shows, too. Keep a record in your journal with the date, title, and error that was discovered.  Prove that paid editors can make mistakes, too!


–Lori Bartels


Things to help kids over the summer:
-       Read books with your child, take turns reading to each other
-       Go to the local library and talk about finding books that interest your child to check out (library cards are free & Ms. Morgan is there a lot over the summer)
-       When reading with your child, ask questions about the book – have them retell it to you in their own words
-       Pick out the words in a book that are new to your child and look them up, talk about them, and try to use them every day (it can be a game)
-       Keep a journal of the books that are read and write what the book was about, what they thought of the book, what they wished was different about the book, would they recommend the book to others
-       Read a newspaper, magazine, comic book, encyclopedia….. students need exposure to lots of various texts!!!
–Sam Morgan


a.     Multiplication facts are a MUST in 5th grade.  One way to keep the facts in long-term memory is study.  One of the resources that I find really handy is:  or  (the students have a password they must get from me).
b.    Fractions are prove to be a little more difficult in 5th grade.  Being very familiar with multiplication facts will  help with fractions!!  Here is a website I found that was age appropriate:  Students in 4th grade compare, order and find equivalents with pictures, so it is difficult to find the correct means for them to practice.  This website (if you stay on level 1), gives models, which is what a 4th grader will be most familiar with and will need to practice.
c.    Problem Solving with word problems is another challenge.  I found a pretty fun website that will cover just about anything: .
d.   Measurement is always hard.  Get your child in the kitchen and let him/her cook, measure, pour.  This is better than any website or worksheet.

e.    I have a few extra workbooks (that have been gently used), and I will send them home with your child if you’d like some written practice at home.  Those are limited, so ask now and I’ll put your name on a list.


–Cherie Cummings



Find out how things are made.
A good site for animals.


Keep up with our space program.
–Mary Ostic


Here are a few sites to enjoy as you learn about the history of our wonderful nation.


See you next year!!
–Sally Bekken
4th Grade Team


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