7th Grade Math week of April 8th

7th grade Math will wrap up Unit 8 this week with a review on Monday, test on Tuesday, and a review of test answers on Wednesday.  Thursday we will begin Unit 9 “STATISTICAL REPRESENTATIONS AND ANALYSIS” starting with ‘Right or Wrong Quiz, and Friday ‘Mean-Median-Mode-Range’ activity.

7th grade RTI will continue to look at real world applications of mathematics, covering Weight &Mass on Monday, Temperature on Tuesday, Time on Wednesday, & Strategies on Thursday.  Friday will have a “Building Stamina” test over these units.

8th grade RTI will continue it focus on writing equations or formulas, converting measurement units, graphing; Thursday and Friday will be test days.

Have a great week!

About Joseph Etheredge

I worked in commercial banking for 25 years before making a career change to public school teaching. I try to bring a daily practical application of the concepts taught in my 7th grade Mathematics class.