Summer Learning Activities


Writing Practice:

Name- first and last

Letters A-Z Upper/lowercase

Numbers 0-10

Reading to your child everyday:

Talk about what is happening in the story.

Who are the characters?

What happens first, next and last

Rhyming Words


Beginning and Final Sounds


Counting 1 – 30

Making sets of 5 and 10

Addition/Subtraction with 0-5 items

Identify Letters, Recognize and Produce sounds of letters

Identify Shapes: square, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, circle, oval

Identify Colors:

Say the Alphabet, without singing it.

It is important to keep your child stimulated over the summer break in order to insure they retain information learned during the following school year. We are excited to start a new year in the Fall and we hope the children get well rested and come back ready for a new year of learning.